How to Remove Window Glass From a Frame

Windows allow the sunlight into our homes, and fresh breezes come through when the windows are open. Sometimes those fresh breezes are a result of an accidentally broken window and you must replace the glass. Before you can measure the frame and replace the window, you will need to remove the broken window glass from the frame. Although window frames come in many styles and materials, glass removal is a universally straightforward process.

Step 1

Wear leather work gloves to protect your hands from cuts on the sharp glass. Also wear eye protection. Often when removing glass, small pieces will break or pop, sending very tiny pieces in the direction of your face.

Step 2

Pull out any large pieces of broken glass. Grab the glass with your fingertips and gently pull straight out.

Step 3

Soften the putty glazing compound around the glass and frame, with a hair dryer or heat gun. The glazing compound can be brittle and hard, making it difficult to remove.

Step 4

Remove the softened glazing compound, with a putty knife. Scrape the compound from the window frame and remaining glass. On newer vinyl window frames, there is no glazing compound. Insert the putty knife between the vinyl retaining strips and the window frame to pry the retaining strips away from the frame.

Step 5

After removing the glazing compound, use needle-nose pliers to pull out the glazing points that secure the glass to the frame. The glazing points are metal triangles with a small tab that sit against the window under the glazing compound on wooden window frames.

Step 6

Remove any remaining glass from the window frame. Brush out the area to remove small particles of glass. Lightly sand the area with a medium-grit sandpaper when working on wooden frames. This will prep the area for a new window-glass installation.

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