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How do I Change the Glass in a Cole Sewell Screen Door?

Lynn Rademacher

A screen door lets in fresh air and sunshine on nice days, while the glass in a storm door keeps the cold out. However, a broken pane of glass can leave you with a mess. One wrong bump with a package or a poorly hit ball and the stationary glass of your Cole Sewell screen door may be cracked. Instead of replacing the entire door, replacing the glass is a less expensive option and can also save you time.

  1. Close the door tightly so that it won't move while removing the glass.

  2. Remove the hex bolts with the hex nut driver. Place the nuts in a bowl so that they aren't lost since they will be needed later.

  3. Pry the trim away from the glass. It may be necessary to place a putty knife under the edge of the trim to get it lifted away from the body of the door and set them aside.

  4. Remove the silicone that seals the glass into the door with a putty knife. Position the putty knife at the edge of silicone and begin to lift the silicone away from the glass. Continue this process until all the silicone has been removed and the glass wiggles slightly in the tracks.

  5. Lift the glass out of the track by sliding the glass as far left as possible and pull the right side of the glass forward. Then remove the left side of the glass from the track as well.

  6. Position the new glass in the track by inserting the left side of the glass all the way against the left side of the glass track and then slip the right side of the glass into the track on the right side of the door. Position the glass so that both sides of the glass are resting in the track.

  7. Place a small bead of silicone along the edge of the glass and the track to seal the glass in place.

  8. Position the trim that was removed earlier over the edge of the newly installed glass. Replace the hex nuts and tighten the trim back in place with the hex nut driver.