How to Protect a Wood Table With Glass

Whether you have a newly acquired wood table or an antique, a glass cover can protect the wood surface from accidents and general wear and tear. Tempered glass is recommended as it is harder to break than normal glass. If it does break, it breaks into many tiny pebbles of glass rather than sharp fragments, and it can hold up to the hard use that many tables undergo on a regular basis much better than normal glass.

Measure the length and width of the table to determine glass size.

Step 1

Measure the size of the top of the wooden table. If the table is not a standard shape, you may want to use a large piece of paper and trace the design of the table top onto the paper. You can then provide this to the glass shop so they are able to duplicate the exact shape and size.

Step 2

Decide on the type of edge you want on the glass, both shape and finish, as well as the thickness; one-quarter inch thick glass should be sufficient for most tabletops. For example, edges can be rounded, straight, or beveled with a satin or gloss finish.

Step 3

Contact glass stores in your area and online to obtain a quote for a tempered glass top to put on your wood table. It is a good idea to shop around for the best quote, including the cost of delivery.

Step 4

Inquire about installation costs, especially if you have a sizable table top, as large pieces of glass can be heavy and unmanageable.

Step 5

Clean the wood tabletop once the glass top arrives so that the glass can be put in place immediately.

Step 6

Clean the glass and put it in place on the wooden table top.

About the Author

Heather Lindsay is a stained glass artist who holds a master's degree in library science, a bachelor's degree in anthropology with a minor in art, and has enjoyed working in special libraries with photograph collections.