How to Install Ridge Caps for Metal Roofing

Metal has grown to be a commonly used roofing material that is usually less expensive and longer-lasting than other roofing materials. Metal roofing systems consist of only a few major components: roofing panels, flashing and roof ridge caps. The roof ridge caps are mounted along the top ridge of the roof structure, and are designed and installed to join the materials on different roof surfaces. These roofing components are the last to be installed, and are no more difficult, requiring the same equipment as the rest of the metal roofing panels.

Step 1

Set a metal ridge cap panel at the end of the ridge of the roof, making sure it overlaps the metal roofing panels by about 2 inches (unless otherwise noted in roofing panel specifications).

Step 2

Drive metal roofing screws into the panel, about 1 inch from the edge, and 12 inches on center.

Step 3

Work your way down the rest of the roof ridge, overlapping ridge cap panels about 2 inches over the previous panel, and fastening as done in Step 2. Overlap the final panel as much as necessary to line up its edge with the edge of the roof.