Homemade Grape Crusher

You can build an effective homemade grape crusher with a few basic items from the hardware store.
Fresh Grapes
Crushing grapes is a fast way to extract maximum juice. Grapes should be crushed gently to avoid breaking their seeds. Grinding grape seeds releases unwanted tannins into the juice and can ruin the flavor. You can construct a simple grape crusher to break down large quantities of grapes while manually controlling the pressure on the fruit. .

Step 1

Line the garbage can with both of the oversized trash bags and pull the excess bag length around the outsides of the can. The second trash bag and extra slack will help prevent tearing and leakage.

Step 2

Load clean, destemmed grapes into the lined garbage can until it is approximately a third full.

Step 3

Cover your hands with the thick leather gloves and lift the fence post over the can of grapes.

Step 4

Repeatedly drop the fence post onto the grape pile by lifting the end 12 to 16 inches above the pile and releasing. Guide the post with your glove covered hands as it falls to crush the grapes.

Step 5

Grab the handles of the garbage can and shake it vigorously before lifting the post to finish the grape crushing.

Things You Will Need

  • 30 gal. plastic garbage can
  • Two 50 gal. thick plastic trash bags
  • Thick leather gloves
  • 4 in. wide untreated wood fence post

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