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How to Replace Wheels on a Mirrored Closet Doors

Kenneth Crawford

Mirrored closet doors make a small room look and feel bigger. Over time, the wheels will become worn out and need replacing. Because of the many styles and configurations, there is no one specific way to replace the wheels on a mirrored closet door. However, the general replacement process is the same. You need to remove the door and take the wheel assembly with you to buy new wheels. Wheel assemblies match the width of the door and track. Home improvement centers and specialty stores carry replacement wheels.

Replace your mirrored closet door wheels.
  1. Place masking tape across the mirrors of each door panel. This will prevent the glass from falling out in big pieces should the mirror accidentally break. Place the tap from the bottom corner to the opposite upper corner. It is a good idea to place tape straight across, as well.

  2. Put on leather work gloves before removing the door panels. Some mirror doors have metal frames that may have sharp edges. You should wear gloves even if your doors are wood frame should one of the mirrors breaking.

  3. Slide the outer door toward the middle of the opening. Grab the door on both sides and lift up on the door panel. Angle the bottom of the door toward you and pull down slightly to release the wheels from the upper track. Place the door panel on a cushioned flat surface, such as the bed or the carpet floor, with the mirror side down.

  4. Position the inner door panel to the middle of the door opening and grab the door on both sides. Lift up and angle the bottom of the door panel toward the inside of the closet. Pull down slightly to release the wheels from the top track. Lay the door panel face down on a cushioned, flat surface.

  5. Remove the screws, securing the wheel assemblies to the inside of the door panel with a Phillips screwdriver. Some manufacturers also place a screw on the top edge of the door.

  6. Take one wheel assembly to the home improvement center to buy a new set of wheel assemblies. The center of the wheel is offset from the mounting plate. Compare the new assembly to the old one so that you get the correct offset for your doors.

  7. Place the wheel assemblies into position on the top of the door panels, and secure the assemblies with the retaining screws. Inspect the door tracks before installing the doors. Look for and repair any loose screws or slight bends in the track.

  8. Lift the inner door panel by grabbing the panel at the sides. Swing the lower part of the panel toward the closet and maneuver the wheels into the rear upper track. Bring the bottom portion of the door panel back toward the opening while lifting on the door panel. Release your hold when the bottom of the door panel is in line with the guide on the floor.

  9. Place the outer door panel into the opening with the bottom portion swung out toward you. Maneuver the wheels into the front upper track, and then swing the lower portion over the floor guide.

  10. Remove the masking tape from the mirror panels. Test the operation of your new wheels by opening and closing your closet doors.