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How to Drill a Hole in a Weber Grill

Jeffrey Brian Airman

Weber grill users often modify the standard grill to add new racks, handles and thermometers. It is necessary to drill at least one hole in order to securely mount these modifications onto the grill. With a quick preparation of the Weber's outer surface and the correct drill bit, you can drill a clean hole without cracking or chipping the enamel of your grill. Dream up the next modification for your Weber grill and drill the holes to bolt it on.

You can modify your grill to add a thermometer for smoking meat.

Step 1

Tear off three 2-by-2-inch square strips of masking or duct tape.

Step 2

Press all three pieces of tape on top of each other on the location on the outer surface of the Weber grill where you intend to drill the hole.

Step 3

Draw a small dot on the top piece of tape with a permanent marker in the exact spot you want the hole.

Step 4

Secure the 3/8-inch high-speed steel drill bit into the drill and line the tip up an inch away from the permanent marker guide dot.

Step 5

Rev the drill at full speed as you slowly press the bit into the dot on the tape and through the Weber grill.

Step 6

Change out the 3/8-inch bit for other high-speed steel bits that are increasingly larger if you need to make a larger hole. Drill through in the same fashion, always revving the drill to high as you make first contact with the tape.

Step 7

Peel away the tape and wipe down the surrounding area with a soft cloth when the hole is large enough for your project's purposes.