How to Remove Smoke Stains From Brick

Brickwork looks great inside and outside the home when it is free of smoke and soot. Often, however, after steady use, a brick fireplace or chimney can become stained. Luckily, these stains can be lifted with some basic household cleaners including vinegar, bleach and child's molding dough. There are several options for cleaning the brick surface; try each one to find which is the best solution for your smoke stains.

You can remove smoke stains from brick.
  1. Apply a scouring powder containing bleach directly to the smoke stains, and scrub vigorously with a stiff plastic brush. Rinse well.

  2. Apply full-strength white vinegar to the stains and scrub with a stiff brush. Start from the bottom of the brick surface and work you way up in sections. Rinse well.

  3. For smaller areas of smoke stain, press child's molding clay onto the surface and lift off the stain. Repeat this process until the stain is removed.

  4. Make a mixture composed of half bleach and half water. Fill a plastic spray bottle with the mixture and spray it onto the brick surface. Scrub the bricks with a soft-bristled brush. This method is appropriate for brick surfaces that are slightly weak and prone to crumbling.

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