How to Seal Up Holes in Metal Roofing

Slight damage to the protective galvanized coating of tin roofing can result in rust forming on the surface of your tin roof. Over time, the rust will create a hole through your tin roof, allowing water to leak into your home. To avoid prolonged water damage to the structure of your home, you need to repair and seal the holes that formed in your tin roof. When repairing and sealing your tin roof, you will need to use materials that won't be damaged by sunlight.

With age, a tin roof can develop small holes that allow water to penetrate the roof, damaging the structure.
  1. Set the extension ladder against an eave of your house that does not have a rain gutter. Make sure that the extension ladder extends at least three feet beyond the eave of the roof to allow you a safe entry and exit point.

  2. Spray the aerosol rust converter over the hole to stop the rust from spreading on the surface of your tin roof.

  3. Apply a thin layer of the acrylic coating to the surface of the tin roof with the paint brush.

  4. Use scissors to cut a piece of polyester mesh that covers an area four inches larger than the hole in the tin roof.

  5. Set the polyester mesh into the layer of acrylic coating and apply another layer of acrylic coating over the polyester mesh to embed it in the roof.

  6. Examine the repair area to ensure that the hole is sealed. If you notice any voids in the repair area, apply additional acrylic coating to the area to complete the repair.


  • Always use the proper precautions when walking on a tin roof, as the surface can be slippery.