How to Choose an Electric Power Company

Homeowners might not know it, but in many states they can select their own electric power company. By selecting your own company, you can receive the most competitive utility services for your money. The secret is knowing what to look for in an electric company. Following a few guidelines will help you to select an electric company that provides the best services for the least amount of money.

Choosing an electric power company is an option for many customers.

Step 1

Determine if your state offers residents the option to choose an electric company. For instance, Texas, Connecticut, Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey offer residents competitive electricity options. A central online directory of statewide competitive electrical providers does not exist. So contact your city hall or county government to find out your options.

Step 2

Compare rates among available electric companies.

Step 3

Compare the type of electricity. Some electric companies create "green" electricity. Green electricity consists of electricity derived from renewable sources, such as wind, rather than from finite natural resources, such as coal.

Step 4

Compare contracts. Some electric companies require a 12-month service contract. Others require up to a 24-month contract. Before signing a contract, verify that the company can't raise your rates during that contract period.

Step 5

Compare customer service. Ensure that you can reach the electric company during standard business hours. Some offices maintain working hours during weekends. Also ensure that you can expect emergency repair service during electric outages.