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How to Install Black Paper for Stucco

Robert Gray

Before applying stucco to a building constructed of wood it must have a moisture barrier. Traditionally that moisture barrier is black tar paper. If you don't apply a moisture barrier, in time the wood begins to rot. But before tar paper is tacked to the outside of the building there is another material laid in place. It's a sticky paper referred to as ice and water shield that keeps water from leaking through crevices around the windows and doors where they are set into the wall of the building.

Step 1

Place the sticky paper--the ice and water shield--first at the bottom of the windows, then the sides and finally at the top to seal any spaces between the window and the surrounding wall. Place it the same way around the sides and tops of doors. This way the water running down the building will keep flowing downwards due to the overlapping pattern.

Step 2

Apply the tar paper to the outside of the building. Run it up to the window and doors, over the sticky paper. Start at the bottom of the building and roll the tar paper out horizontally across the face of the building. Tack it in place using a hammer stapler or a powered staple gun. Wrap the tar paper around the corners of the house.

Step 3

Provide a 4-inch overlap as you place each horizontal strip of tar paper over the preceding strip. Staple the tar paper all the way up walls to the roof line.