How to Install Plumbing in a House

Plumbing is needed for running water in your house. With the right plumbing knowledge and the right tools, you can easily do this project yourself without calling a plumber. The plumbing system in your home should have routine maintenance to make sure everything is working well. Doing this project yourself will save you a lot of money and give you a sense of accomplishment.

A good plumbing job will allow good water pressure in your house
  1. Turn off the main water line. The main water line is the water line coming from the water meter. Unhook the water line from the meter. Open up all of the valves in the house so the water will drain out. Use the hacksaw to cut the bad pipes out. You can tell they are bad pipes because they will have splits in them or will be corroded. Use the sand paper or copper cleaner to clean the new pipe before installing it.

  2. Measure the copper pipe, using the tape measure. You will know how much pipe you need depending on how many breaks there are and where they are. Put the fittings on. Dry fit them to make sure everything is right. Dry fitting is when you put everything together without gluing it to make sure they will fit right. After you know everything fits right take them apart and put flex on the pipe and fittings.

  3. Solder all of the connections with the solder and the propane torch and take your time. Run the pipes to where you want the water to be hooked up. Attach the fittings on the hot and cold with the solder and propane torch. You attach the fittings to the hot and cold by putting flex on the pipes and fittings. The flex draws the soldering, creating a permanent seal. Turn the water back on.


  • Never touch the pipe right after you solder it.

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