How to Block the Sun From Patio Doors

Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage carpet or furniture in your home. New doors are often rated Low-E, which means the door is covered with a protective coating to block out the sun's rays, but it still may not be enough. Some older doors have no protection at all. Installing your own door tint on the inside glass is a good option.

Installing your own door tint on the inside glass is a good way to block unwanted sun rays.
  1. Put on all protective gear.

  2. Measure the total glass area of your patio door, using a measuring tape.

  3. Spray a good cleaner or degreaser onto the patio door glass that you will apply the tint to. Use lint-free towels to clean the glass surface with.

  4. Unroll the door glass tint and cut to slightly oversize of your measurements. Use a utility knife and new blade to do this.

  5. Spray some water on both sides of the door glass film and hold it up to the glass area where you will install it. Tape the top corners of the tint to the glass surface, using the painter's tape. This is just to hold it in place. Slightly peel back the top 1/3 of the tint film liner. The liner covers the sticky back of the tint film.

  6. Apply the tint to the glass surface of the patio door and use a squeegee to remove excess creases and bubbles. Work a small section at a time, peeling back more of the liner as you go. Make sure all surfaces are wet. Respray if necessary.

  7. Work your way down the glass surface of the patio door, applying tint from top to bottom. Trim away any extra with the utility knife.

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