How to Remove Tatouage

Lynn Burbeck

Tatouage is a dry-rub transfer that can be applied to walls, glass, mirrors and wooden furniture to create custom designs that instantly add color and style. When it's time to refresh the look of tatouage-decorated surfaces, you can paint over the tatouage or remove it.

Tatouage wall murals are designed to be applied and removed with minimum effort.

Even if you are repainting, removing the tatouage completely first will ensure a smooth, even painting surface.

  1. Apply clear packing tape to the tatouage surface. Depending on how large the mural is, you may want to work in sections, applying tape to one area of the tatouage at a time. You will not be able to reuse the tatouage, so there is no harm in removing it in sections.

  2. Rub over the entire surface of the tape covering the tatouage with the applicator stick you used to apply the design. This process of "reverse tatouage" will cause the design to adhere to the packing tape. If you don't have the original applicator stick, a craft stick or a paint stirrer will work effectively.

  3. Lift the packing tape from the wall carefully. The tatouage comes off with the packing tape, leaving a clean surface.

  4. Remove tatouage from windows, mirrors or similar smooth surfaces by gently scraping it off with a razor blade or applying nail polish remover with a moistened cloth. Test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure that the surface is not damaged by the razor or nail polish remover. The "reverse tatouage" process described in the preceding steps will also work effectively, although it may leave behind a sticky adhesive residue. Remove this by scraping it off or using nail polish remover.

  5. Tip

    To remove packing tape residue from a wall, mirror or glass surface, use a commercial goo-removing solvent such as Goo Gone or Oops!. Follow manufacturer's instructions closely, and test the solvent on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that it doesn't damage your household surfaces.