How to Remove Semi-Gloss Paint

Kallie Johnson

Semi-gloss paint is often found on doors, trim and bathroom and kitchen cabinets, but can also be used on interior walls. It adds a slight sheen or shine to the surface but is not as shiny or reflective as gloss paints. Semi-gloss paint can be painted over, if you wish to change the color of the paint.

Interior door and window frames are commonly painted with semi-gloss paint.

Before that, you must remove peeling paint by sanding the wall. To completely remove the paint, use a paint remover.


Ventilate the room by opening doors and windows and turning on fans. Place dropcloths over furniture and flooring to prevent damage. Wear rubber gloves, goggles and a breathing mask.

  1. Pour paint stripper or paint remover into a paint tray.

  2. Dip a paintbrush or paint roller in the paint remover. Paint directly over the semi-gloss paint. Allow the paint stripper to work its way into the paint. Follow the manufacturer's directions for the amount of time this should take; it's usually 15 to 30 minutes.

  3. Place the paint scraper at the top of the wall or painted area and gently press down and scrape downward. As you scrape, you should loosen a piece of paint. Once the paint is loosened, use your hands to peel the paint back, and it should peel off in long strips. If not, continue scraping downward until all of the paint is removed.

  4. Wipe down the wall with a dampened cloth. This removes remaining paint remover residue. Repeat the steps until all of the paint is removed.