How to Remove Vinyl Windows

Removing your vinyl windows is the first step if you plan to install new replacement windows or if the window is defective and must be discarded. Removing vinyl windows isn't difficult. With just some basic tools and a few hours on a weekend day, this project shouldn't present any unusual problems.

  1. Remove the window trim with a crowbar. Pull out any nails with the hammer. If your window trim is held on by screws, use the cordless drill and screw bits to remove it. Save the trim if you want to reuse it or use it as a template for cutting new trim.

  2. Cut away any window insulation with your utility knife.

  3. Remove any nails or screws that hold the window frame to the stud walls. Use the hammer or cordless drill and screw bits.

  4. Pull out the whole window now. You may need a helper for larger window sizes.

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