How to Design a Homemade Wood Fired Pizza Oven

A pizza oven is a great project that you can perform easily with some basic materials including sand, clay and brick. With these materials, you can design and create a basic wood-fired oven that will produce delicious homemade pizza on a consistent basis. Learn how to make your very own oven with simple steps.

Easily craft your own pizza oven
  1. Take a wooden pallet and place it on a flat space outdoors where you would like to set up the oven.

  2. Cover the surface of the wooden pallet with red bricks in vertical columns until it is covered.

  3. Moisten a batch of sand and place it onto the brick layer. With your hands, form the sand into a spherical dome that will act as the support structure for the clay. Make the sand mound as large as you would like the inside of the oven to be.

  4. Moisten sheets of newspaper and layer them over the mounded sand.

  5. Form the clay over the sand and newspaper. Work from the bottom of the mound upwards until you have reached the pinnacle of the sand dome. Carefully smooth any seems in the clay pieces together with your moistened hands and fingers.

  6. Let the clay dry for 72 hours.

  7. Use a utility knife to cut an arched hole into the front of the clay dome that is precisely 2/3 of the way up the dome. It is necessary to cut the opening with these dimensions to ensure proper airflow in the oven.

  8. Pull out all of the sand and newspaper from within the dome by way of the arched opening.

  9. Allow the dome to set for 24 hours, then fill in any cracks or seams in the dome's clay exterior with extra clay.

  10. Allow the dome to set for 72 hours before starting your first wood fire within.