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How to Make a Grill Pan

Kelli Peacock Dunn

From steaks to vegetables, food prepared on a grill can be a delight. Kitchen specialty shops are loaded with accessories for cookouts, including grilling pans in all shapes and sizes that can be quite expensive.

Cleanup is a cinch when you create your own disposable grilling pan.

Rather than spend your hard-earned dollars on a manufactured grilling pan, create your own using a disposable aluminum pan or form one out of tinfoil for easy cleanup after your meal.

  1. Find a disposable aluminum foil baking pan, either new or used. Choose a size you need for your grill and the amount of food you plan to cook at one time.

  2. Pierce the bottom of the pan with a knife or sharp scissors. Twist to create a hole. Repeat this process, making several holes on the bottom of the pan to ventilate.

  3. Apply non-stick cooking spray to the bottom of pan. Rub neutral oil into the base of the pan if you do not have cooking spray. Fill the pan with desired food products and begin grilling.

  4. Turn over a metal baking pan of the desired size on a flat surface such as a table or counter. Place two layers of aluminum foil over the pan.

  5. Remove the foil, retaining the shape of the baking pan. Pinch the edges of the foil to create a rim. Fill with food items and place on the grill.


Use oven mitts to remove a homemade grilling pan from a hot grill. Immediately place it on a baking sheet to avoid dropping food as disposable aluminum pans will bend.