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How to Make Baking Molds

Kayla Lowe

Baking molds are extremely helpful when baking and essential to the clean presentation of finished baked goods. They allow bakers to produce perfectly formed products in distinguished shapes that can be decorated to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing foods that look just as good as they taste.

Baking molds create perfectly shaped baking creations.

Store-bought baking molds can be quite pricey. However, with a couple of simple household items you can create your own baking molds at home for little cost.

  1. Locate an object containing the form you wish your baking mold to be. A pumpkin makes a decent bunt mold, and a salad bowl produces a nicely rounded shape.

  2. Tear six sheets of aluminum foil from the roll of foil, tearing one sheet approximately 2 to 3 inches longer than the others.

  3. Place the sheets of foil against the object to be molded, with the longest sheet touching the object. Firmly press the foil flush against the object, smoothing it until the foil has perfectly conformed to the object's shape.

  4. Remove the foil from the object. Take the longest sheet that was pressed against the object from the center of the mold and discard it, being careful to leave the remainder of the mold intact.

  5. Place the aluminum foil mold on an oven tray and fill it for baking.

  6. Tip

    Use distinctively shaped children's toys, such as costume masks, to create originally shaped baking forms.


    Always include a longer sheet of foil to press directly against the object and discard it before baking to prevent germ transfer.