How to Hang Cabinet Doors

One way to spruce up a kitchen is to add new cabinet doors. Removing the old cabinet doors is fairly simple. However, many people get frustrated when it comes to installing the new cabinet doors. Learn a few tips to hang cabinet doors to make the job less frustrating. Afterwards, the kitchen will look like it has been completely remodeled.

Kitchen cabinet doors.
  1. Attach the top hinge to the back of the new cabinet door 2 inches from the top using woodscrews and a screwdriver.

  2. Attach the bottom hinge to the back of the door 2 inches from the bottom.

  3. Center the door over the door opening and mark the top hinge location on the cabinet face with masking tape.

  4. Open up the hinge and place the edge of the door against the cabinet face. Position the door and hinge until the hinge lines up with the masking tape marker.

  5. Make pilot holes for the hinge screws in the cabinet frame. Attach the top hinge to the frame with wood screws.

  6. Flush the bottom hinge to the frame and drill pilot holes for the attaching screws. Attach the bottom hinge into the cabinet frame with wood screws.

  7. Remove the masking tape and attach the cabinet door handles with the supplied hardware.

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