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What Hardware Would You Use With Maple Cabinets?

Katherine Brennan

Maple wood is ideal to use for cabinetry because of its warm feel. Maple is also a popular choice for cabinets because of its medium tone and texture. It is not as light and stark as birch, and not as deep and striking as cherry. Because maple is so versatile, several types and styles of hardware can be used to adorn your maple cabinets.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel is a hardware finish that goes well with maple cabinetry. The nickel is dulled and lacquer coated, and then plated onto brass. The result is similar to steel or aluminum with a more subtle tone. Brushed nickel is often used on maple cabinets because the combination gives off a sophisticated, yet classic look.

Polished Chrome

Polished chrome is a beautiful hardware finish for maple cabinets. Similar to the brushed nickel, the chrome is dulled and coated prior to plating. Polished chrome is a great choice if you're going for a more modern look in your kitchen.

Black Nickel

For a dark, sleek and more distinct look, use black-nickel hardware on your maple cabinets. Black nickel differs from basic black because the "sheen" of the nickel gives the black color a more dimensional feel. The lustrous black is usually layered over brass for the finished look. Dark highlights on a maple cabinet work quite well, giving your cabinets a bit more interest.

Shapes and Styles

Now that you've got a few great options for the finish of your hardware, the next important step is deciding what shape and style is best for the maple cabinets and your home in general. Long gone are the days when people could only choose from a simple knob or pull. Today, hardware comes in a variety of styles---from traditional and simple, to elegant and ornate, to modern and unique. Cabinet knobs can be flat, round and compact. However, knobs can also be in almost any shape you desire---leaves, swirls, dragonflies or letters. Cabinet pulls attach to the cabinet with two screws, and can be straight and simple or ornately and elegantly carved. Cup pulls are another interesting shape of hardware---they look like a half circle, opened at the bottom.