How to Adjust a Toilet Valve

One of the most common problems with a toilet is the toilet valve, which controls the flushing lever and also the water in the bowl.
If the toilet continues to run once it has filled the bowl with water, or if the flushing lever does not flush properly, you may need to adjust the toilet valve, which is connected by a chain and flapper ball. You can adjust the toilet valve with a few steps to ensure your toilet works properly. .

Step 1

Remove the cover of the toilet, and place on the toilet seat.

Step 2

Locate the flapper ball inside the tank of the toilet. The flapper ball is an inflated ball that is attached to a long rod and a chain.

Step 3

Unclip the chain from the flapper ball. The chain is secured to the flapper ball using a small clip that is easily unhooked.

Step 4

Shorten the chain by folding a few links over and replacing the clip on the chain. Replace the lid to the toilet tank.

Step 5

Test the toilet valve to see if it’s working properly by flushing the toilet. If need be, shorten or lengthen the chain until the valve is where you would like it.

Things You Will Need

  • Toilet

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