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Troubleshooting a Kohler San Raphael Toilet

Christopher John

As of 2010, Kohler offers seven different models of its San Raphael toilet. To prevent problems with your San Raphael, make sure it is properly installed and follow the proper cleaning and maintenance instructions. Some problems are common to all toilets; with a little investigation, you can troubleshoot and repair your Kohler San Raphael toilet yourself.

Step 1

Repair a poor-flushing San Raphael toilet by removing the tank lid and adjusting the tank's water level to match the waterline mark inside the tank. Adjust the water level by turning the top of the vertical rod on the fill valve. Fully open the water shut-off valve. Clear any obstructions from the trapway and waste line, using a plunger, or toilet auger, if necessary. Clear any obstructions from the bowl's jet and rim holes by straightening out a wire coat hanger and gently inserting the end of the hanger into the jet and rim holes. Work the hanger back and forth a couple times.

Step 2

Repair a San Raphael toilet that runs by adjusting the flapper chain so that it has the proper slack to allow the flapper to close properly. Examine the flapper itself. If the flapper is worn, dirty or otherwise misaligned, clean or replace the flapper. Clean the area around the opening in which the flapper seats, using a sponge, in order to allow the flapper to seat fully. Determine if the tank's water level is too high, causing water to flow over into the overflow tube, and lower the water level, as required. Examine the fill valve. If the valve float sinks, replace the fill valve.

Step 3

Turn the water shut-off valve completely clockwise to fully open the valve if the tank takes an excessive amount of time to fill. Examine the flexible supply line from the shut-off valve to the tank, looking for any kinks, and remove them. Clean the valve outlet, valve head and the supply line. Flush the lines to clear out any obstructions.

Step 4

Partially close the water supply shut-off valve by turning the valve counter-clockwise if the water pressure to the toilet is too high. High pressure will cause excessive, annoying noise when the tank is filling with water after each flush. If this does not completely remove the excessive noise, remove any dirt or obstructions from the valve head. Flush the lines clear.

Step 5

Adjust the flapper chain assembly, removing any excessive slack, if the toilet will not flush at all. Reconnect the flapper chain to the flush lever or flush valve, if the chain has become disconnected.