How to Fix Leaks in Copper Pipe Fittings

To repair a leaking copper pipe fitting you can use a plumbing connector such as a compression fitting. Compression fittings are used to connect copper tubing that you often find behind your refrigerator. Compression fittings are couplings that are used to connect two copper pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve.This is an easy-to-install connector that comes in a variety of diameters.

copper fitting
  1. Turn off the water to your plumbing or the area where you'll be working.

  2. Remove the compression nut and ferrule from each end of the connector and hold it against the copper fitting.

  3. Cut the copper pipe with a hacksaw to remove the leaky fitting. Smooth each end of the pipe with fine-grade sandpaper.

  4. Insert a compression nut and ferrule onto the end of each pipe. The ferrule goes between the compression nut and the connector. Hold the compression nut with one wrench while you hold the fixed nut on the end of the connector.Tighten the compression nut to pull the pipes together.

  5. Turn the water on. If there are any leaks, tighten the compression nuts as you did before with the two wrenches.

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