How to Make a Desk Out of Counter Top

If you've shopped around for just the right desk for your space, but haven't found exactly what you're looking for, consider building your own. Counter top desks are a unique way to modify your home office or work area. Whether starting with a brand new section counter top, or repurposing old counters after a remodel, counter top desks make a sturdy addition to your office furnishings. A moderately simple do-it-yourself project, building a counter top desk is considerably less expensive than having a custom desk built, and requires less than one day’s work to complete from start to finish.

Counter Top Desk

Step 1

Make a space plan and measure the area where the desk will sit to ensure the right fit. Decide whether the desk will be straight or a corner unit, and how the desk will be supported, and plan accordingly. Straight desks are a simpler project, but corner units afford more workspace and often allow for the best use of the available area.

Step 2

Purchase supplies for the project, including counter tops, support system, and any brackets that may be required. Counter top can be cut at the time of purchase, or ordered to fit, so be certain to have exact measurements to ensure a correct fit without further cutting. Collect all tools needed for the project before beginning.

Step 3

Prepare your support system before assembling your desk. The simplest support solution is to use kitchen cabinets, metal filing cabinets, or sturdy plastic or medal drawers. This will make your desk both sturdy and easy to move and requires no tools, cutting, or drilling. This support solution is particularly idea for granite, metal, or stone counter top materials which are difficult to cut or drill.

Step 4

Install the chosen support system, ensuring that it is both the proper height, and level, before applying counter tops. If you've chosen cabinets or other form of freestanding support, be certain they're positioned at appropriate intervals to support the weight of the counter top.

Step 5

Affix the counter top to the support system one section at a time. If your counter is a heavy matieral, such as granite or stone, be certain the support system is sufficient to harbor the weight before applying the next section of counter. Once all sections of counter are installed, use a level to check that there the desk is even and level.

Step 6

Apply the end cap finishing kit where necessary and add any brackets that might be required to anchor the counter top. This step is optional but may be necessary to ensure your desk is both attractive and stable.

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