How to Get Rid of Cat Hair in My House

Having cats in your life means companionship, entertainment and lots of fun. Having cats in your home, however, means cat hair -- all over your house. Cat hair clings to your carpets, furniture, bedding and draperies. Animal hair make your home look dirty and can even contribute to allergy problems for some individuals. The good news is that you can keep the cat hair under control with a little added effort and a few cleaning tools. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your home cat hair free for good.

Grey cat sleeping on red sofa.

Step 1

Vacuum your entire home with a vacuum cleaner, starting with your carpets. Use the upholstery attachment on your furniture and stairs, and make sure to use the appropriate attachments to reach onto window sills, under furniture and into corners.

Step 2

Use a long-handled squeegee that is large enough to use as you would use a push broom. Push the squeegee all around any hard-surfaced floors and the walls to collect any cat hair that has gathered on those surfaces.

Step 3

Wipe down any counters, shelves or other hard surfaces with a dry kitchen sponge or static electricity duster to pick up cat hair.

Step 4

Brush your cat using a pet brush. While many cats dislike the feeling, gently brush the cat's hair the wrong way (so that it sticks up). Run an adhesive lint roller over your cat to collect any hair before it can fall off in your house.