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How to Turn on the Hot Water on a Water Bottle Cooler

Jennifer Thompson

Hot water on a water cooler is one of those little joys that offer both convenience and functionality. With it, a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa can be made in an instant, and even soups or other pre-packaged meal-in-a-cup foods are a breeze. Though some water cooler models automatically heat the hot water reservoir, many models allow it to be turned on or off as desired. This increases energy efficiency.

Many water coolers can heat water, too.
  1. Plug the water cooler into an electrical outlet. The power cord is on the back of the unit and must be plugged into an electrical power source for the water cooler to heat or to cool water.

  2. Place the water jug in its proper holding position. Though most water coolers are gravity filled, with the jug positioned on top, some have a pump and the jug is placed on the bottom of the unit. In either case, allow the water reservoirs to fill up prior to heating water in order to avoid heat damage to the unit. With a pump-style unit, this could entail running just a little water through the spigot. Either way, it only takes a moment.

  3. Locate the three buttons near the top of the unit that control the water temperature. With a top-loading water cooler, these are most often at the base of the water bottle. One button has a small green light set on the top of it, one button has a red light and one has a blue light. When the water cooler is plugged in, these lights should start flashing. If they aren't on, check the power source to make sure the unit is getting power.

  4. Press the button under the green light. This is the "on" button that operates both the hot and cold water. Once you press it, the green light stops flashing and holds a steady glow. If this button is left turned off, the light continues to flash and the water cooler only produces room temperature water. The flashing light lets you know that it is connected to a working power source and that hot and cold water can be turned on at any time.

  5. Press the button under the red light. This is the button that controls the hot water. It starts to flash when you press it. This tells you that it is heating water. The light stops flashing and it holds a steady glow once the water is hot.