Aluminum Fascia Repair

The aluminum fascia on the front of your house can buckle and warp if it was nailed or secured incorrectly, making repairs necessary. Begin the repair process by removing existing sections of the fascia, then install new material correctly. The process is not difficult for someone with do-it-yourself skills.

Correct installation is a key to fascia repairs.
  1. Climb up the ladder and use a pry bar and hammer to remove the bad section of fascia. Insert the pry bar under the fascia, where there is a nail, and tap it with the hammer. Pry up to force the fascia off the end of the roof.

  2. Remove the section of fascia off the side of the roof and place it on the floor or a bench.

  3. Measure the fascia with the tape measure. Transfer the measurement to a new section of fascia and make a mark with the pencil.

  4. Set the straight edge on the mark you made in Step 3. Make a line along the fascia with the pencil. Cut along the pencil line with the tin snips.

  5. Set the fascia section up along the edge of the roof and secure it with the nails. Hammer the nails into the bottom edge of the fascia and not on the face of the fascia.

  6. Attach a piece of roof-edge flashing to the top of the fascia where it meets the top of the soffit and the edge of the roof. Secure the flashing to the fascia with the roofing nails, using the hammer.


  • The fascia may be sharp and can cut your hands.