Juice Extractor Instructions

Juice extracting machines are small kitchen appliances that are used to separate the juice of fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the pulp.

Juice extractor instructions.Juice extractor instructions.
There are three basic types of juice extractors; centrifugal, hydraulic press, and masticating. Centrifugal are considered the fastest juicers however; they can not handle leafy greens or wheatgrass. Hydraulic press extractors are quite costly but according to organic-knowledge. com they produce the best juice. Masticating extractors extract more juice and can handle leafy greens as well as wheatgrass. No matter what type of juice extractor you choose the instructions for use are generally the same.

Inspect the juice extractor to make sure that all of the clamps are properly fastened and secure. Place a clean 6 ounce glass underneath the spout of the juice extractor.

Prepare the fruits and vegetables that you will be juicing by rinsing them with cool water to remove any contaminates such as dirt and debris.

Use a sharp knife to cut the fruits and vegetables into pieces that are small enough to fit into the extractor's feeder opening.

Plug in the power cord and turn the juice extractor on. Insert fruit and vegetable pieces into the extractors feeder opening and gently press them down the feeder tube using the pusher.

Turn off the extractor and unplug the power cord. Disassemble the extractor and clean the strainer, the container cover, and the spout cover by rinsing them under cold running water. Reassemble the extractor and store the unit until you are ready to use it again.

Things You Will Need

  • Juice extractor
  • 6 oz. glass
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Knife


  • After cleaning the container cover, strainer, and spout cover make sure to dry them completely before reassembly.


  • When pushing food through the extractor, use only the pusher. Do not use a knife, fork, or any other such utensil as this could cause not only injury but could also ruin the juice extractor.

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