Vertical Vinyl Siding Installation Instructions

You can attach vinyl siding to the exterior walls of a home either horizontally or vertically. Vertical siding attaches in a similar fashion to horizontal siding because the pieces inter-lock and are attached with nails to the wall. Once you have properly prepared the exterior wall, installing vertical vinyl siding merely a matter of following a few instructions to complete the project.

Install siding either horizontally or vertically
  1. Attach furring strips every 12 inches from the top down to the bottom of the exterior wall with the hammer and nails. The furring strips are needed for the nails that are used to secure the siding.

  2. Measure the width of the piece of j-channel with the tape measure. The j-channel is the piece of siding that receives the ends of siding panels.

  3. Measure up from the bottom of the exterior of the wall, on one corner, the width of the j-channel, and subtract 1/4 inch. Make a mark on the wall with the pencil. Repeat this step on the opposite corner.

  4. Place one end of the chalk line along the pencil mark you made in Step 3. Extend the chalk line to the other corner of the wall and pull it taught. Lift up and then let go of the chalk line to leave a chalk mark on the wall.

  5. Attach the corner posts onto both corners of the wall with the hammer and nails. Leave a small gap between the nail and the slot to allow the corner post to move.

  6. Place the j-channel, for the starter strip, on the chalk line at bottom of the wall. Attach the j-channel to the wall with the hammer and nails. Drive the nails into the furring strip you attached in Step 1.

  7. Insert the first piece of siding into the j-channel and on one side of a corner post. Secure the siding with nails into the furring strip.

  8. Insert another piece of siding into the j-channel and along the edge of the previous piece of siding. Repeat this process until you have installed siding along the length of the wall.

  9. Attach a j-channel along the top edge of the siding to complete the project.


  • If you do not measure properly you can attach the j-channel to the wrong place on the wall.
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