How to Adjust Sleep Adjustable Beds

Adjusting a sleep adjustable bed is as easy as pushing a button.

A sleep adjustable bed in the flat position looks like any other.A sleep adjustable bed in the flat position looks like any other.
Adjustable beds have electronically controlled motors that move the mattress into various positions for comfort while sleeping and awake. Many sleep adjustable beds have built in features like heat, firmness control and massage. Some beds adjust to make it easier on the elderly and disabled to get in and out. Treat yourself to a comfortable night of restful sleep by adjusting a sleep adjustable bed to conform to your body and preferences.

Review the owner's manual to determine the location of the control panel or remote. Some models feature corded or cordless remotes with built in docking stations. Two person sleep adjustable beds have separate controls for each side of the bed.

Lie down in the sleep adjustable bed while you are holding the remote and make adjustments to the height of the head and foot areas by pressing on the up and down arrows that correspond. Make adjustments to the firmness of the bed to maximize comfort, if your bed has this feature. Choose settings that feel comfortable before laying still for at least five minutes.

Try out any other feature the bed has to offer so that you are completely relaxed into the adjusted form. Some models have programmable heat and massage sessions that will turn off automatically to allow you to sleep. Put the control somewhere visible and easy to find for the next adjustment.

Things You Will Need

  • Owner's manual


  • Newer sleep adjustable beds have savable settings that allow you to program a personal setup and activate all the adjustments with the push of a single button.


  • Never make adjustments to the position of the bed when a small child is on or near the bed.

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