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How to Find a Waterbed Leak

J. Johnson

For some people, waterbeds are the most enjoyable and comfortable way to have a good night's rest. After a waterbed is properly installed in your home, proper care and maintenance is relatively simple and doesn't take much time. Maintenance gets a little more complicated, however, if your water bed springs a leak. A leak can turn a once comfortable night's sleep into a wet and miserable nightmare. Before you can fix your waterbed, you first need to find exactly where the leak originates.

Waterbeds are a comfortable way to get a good night's sleep.
  1. Do not drain all the water from your water bed. You will be able to locate the leak with the water still inside.

  2. Use a large towel to soak up any water between your mattress and the waterbed's liner. You might need a few towels if the leak is severe.

  3. Inspect the sides, top and corners of the mattress thoroughly to try and find the leak. A leak will almost never occur on the bottom of the waterbed mattress.

  4. Apply a small amount of pressure to the mattress by kneeling on it if you can't find the leak by visual inspection.

  5. Recheck the sides, top and corners of the mattress while applying pressure and using an absorbent tissue. Run the tissue slowly along the mattress until you see it get wet. This will be the location of the leak.