How to Repair an American Standard One Piece Toilet

There are two types of American Standard toilet: a gravity fed toilet and a pressure assisted toilet. A one piece toilet is a type of pressure assisted model that uses pressurized water when flushing. When your American Standard toilet is not working correctly there are a few repairs you can make yourself before making a service call. Problems that you can repair yourself include the toilet not flushing correctly and water that continues to run without shutting off.

Not Flushing Properly

An American Standard toilet can be a two piece or a one piece unit.
  1. Clean the bowl of the toilet to make sure it is not clogged or partially clogged with debris. Plunge the bowl with a plunger or flush the toilet a couple of times to see if the clog goes away.

  2. Take the cover off of the tank and set it aside.

  3. Press down on the actuator button and see if the toilet flushes normally. If it does, place the cover back on the tank. If it doesn't, call a plumber.

Water Does Not Shut Off

  1. Press down on the flush lever to see if the water will stop running. If the water continues to run, the level is not properly contacting the cartridge which controls the flush.

  2. Take the cover off of the tank and set it aside.

  3. Turn the set screw with the screwdriver counterclockwise half a turn. This will raise the level of the actuator.

  4. Press down on the flush lever to see if the toilet flushes and the water stops running.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the problem has been corrected.


  • If your water pressure is below 20 PSI the pressure assisted toilet will not work.

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