How to Use a Carpenter's Level to Measure

For a carpenter or any home-owner needing to install things and make repairs, a carpenter's level comes in handy. A carpenter's level helps you make sure whatever you're making is level and, therefore, square. Switching between tools while leveling something can throw off the accuracy of your project if you accidentally bump or let go of something while grabbing for another tool. Most often, you'll need a tape measure while using a level, so a convenient idea is to combine the two tools into one.

Adapt a carpenter's level to measure things without needing a tape measure.
  1. Set your carpenter's level flat on a table so the glass water level is not facing up.

  2. Stretch a tape measure to the length of the top edge of your carpenter's level.

  3. Make a mark with a permanent marker every 1/4 inch from one end of the carpenter's level to the other. Remove the tape measure.

  4. Write the measurement length at each mark you made along the top of the carpenter's level with a permanent pen.