How to Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can last for years if properly cared for. Various types of new outdoor furniture may not be assembled with weatherproof materials, and new outdoor furniture can be very expensive. There are simple steps to keep current outdoor furniture looking good, by effectively protecting against harsh elements that can ruin outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture protected from the sun.
  1. Wash outdoor furniture made of wood and plastic once every two weeks to keep the surface clean and weatherproof. Put on plastic disposable gloves. Fill a bucket with cold water. Add a small amount of bleach: two to three capfuls. Dip a scrub brush into the bucket after stirring the water. Scrub furniture with the scrub brush till all stains and dirt are removed. Rinse outdoor furniture with a garden hose and let it air-dry.

  2. Use waterproof furniture covers to protect outdoor furniture. Measure all outdoor furniture with a tape measure, and write down the measurements. Go online, or to a furniture supply store, for the appropriate-sized covers. Make sure the covers are waterproof and fit tightly around furniture. Choose covers that allow porous wood furniture to breathe.

  3. Retreat outdoor wood furniture to eradicate current weather damage and to prevent future weather damage. Sand wood furniture with 320-grit sandpaper. Put on cotton gardening gloves to protect your hands from splinters while sanding. Go over the entire surface of wood, sanding in the direction of the grain. Remove wood dust with a clean paintbrush. Go over cracks or pits in wood with wood filler. Let the wood filler dry. Use wood glue to make any needed repairs to wood joints or legs that support the furniture. Let the glue dry.

  4. Re-sand wood surface once the wood filler and glue are dry. Sand the surface lightly with 150-grit sandpaper. Remove all wood dust. Take a waterproof stain and stain the wood. Use clear water and insect-proof varnish to protect the wood after staining, or use varnish alone to preserve the wood in its natural state after sanding.

  5. Use orange oil to clean and seal plastic or poly resin outdoor furniture from the elements. Take orange oil and pour some on a clean cotton cloth. Rub in a circular motion onto the furniture to remove dirt and grime. Flip the cloth over to the clean side or use a second cloth to shine the surface with the leftover oil, once cleaned. Let it dry. The oil will leave a patina on the furniture that helps to protect the furniture.

  6. Spray an eco-friendly waterproofing fabric spray on outdoor upholstered furniture. The waterproof spray will keep the fabric from becoming saturated with rainwater, and will eliminate the formation of mildew and mildew odor.

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