How to Clean Copper Door Knobs

You want your copper door knobs clean and shiny, but with all of the bare hands that touch them, you probably don't want dangerous chemical residue on the door knobs. The Real Simple magazine website suggests an alternative: using ketchup to clean copper items. Whether you opt for going "green" in your housekeeping or simply wish to avoid hazardous chemicals, use this safer and more family-friendly approach to cleaning your copper door knobs.

Clean copper door knobs with ketchup.
  1. Squeeze 1 tbsp. of ketchup onto an old washcloth.

  2. Rub the copper door knob with the ketchup-covered cloth. Continue rubbing until the door knob reaches its original copper shine.

  3. Soak another old washcloth in warm water. Rinse the door knob clean. Dry the door knob with a dry washcloth.

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