DIY Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is so versatile that it can be used in the garden, on boats, above decks, on the ends of porches, for privacy screens and much more. According to "Shade Cloth Info," the cloth itself is made to repel and absorb heat from the sun. It's strong, yet has a loose weave that allows breezes to go through. It can help protect a garden, or keep the hot sun off of people sitting on a deck.

Use shade cloth to block the sun off of the end of a porch.
  1. Buy the shade cloth yardage you need for your project. For instance, if your project is to make shade and privacy for the end of your porch, measure the opening you need for your shade cloth. For instance, if it is 7-feet tall and 6-feet wide, buy enough cloth to cover this area. Shade cloth can come 72-inches wide. Buy the exact amount of cloth needed because you want the shade cloth to end up slightly smaller than the porch opening.

  2. Sew the folds to make a clean edge.
  3. Double fold the edges 1 inch. Fold another inch over the first fold. Pin the fold and continue folding and pinning the fabric all the way around. This will be your finished edge after sewing.

  4. Sew a straight stitch on the sewing machine in the center of the 1-inch folds all the way around the cloth. Sew again on either side of the center stitch all the way around. You will sew on the double fold to secure it three times. Remove all pins.

  5. You need a hammer and a board to use a grommet kit.
  6. Apply 1-inch or 2-inch grommets (whichever size you wish) into the four corners of the fabric. Place them just inside of the finished seams. Use a grommet kit from a fabric store. Get the kit that goes with the size grommets you selected. You will need a small board and hammer to apply the grommets to your shade fabric. The kit will have a cutter, the inserting handle and the base. Grommets consist of the grommet (male side) and the washer (female side). Follow the instructions in the grommet kit to insert the grommets.

  7. Screw two hooks into the ceiling corners of the porch opening. These will hold the cloth up. Screw two hooks in the porch floor in the corners of the porch opening. These will hold the shade cloth down.

  8. Cut four 2-foot nylon ropes and tie the end of each tightly into the four grommets in the cloth. Once on the shade cloth, tie the top ropes to the ceiling hooks, and the bottom ropes to the hooks. You want to get equal tension on all four corners.

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