How to Reset the Sesame Combination Padlock

A manufacturer of keyless locks and systems, Sesamee makes padlocks that contain solid brass components, a single-frame design, and 10,000 combination possibilities. The padlocks, available from a number of hardware and other retail outlets and online, even let you change the combination in the event someone has discovered the code or you like to change the combination frequently for security reasons. Resetting your Sesamee combination padlock is not a difficult task even if you don't remember the combination.

Use the change pin to reset your Sesamee combination padlock.
  1. Enter your current combination into the Sesamee padlock to open it. The lock will open and expose the shackle hole on the top of the lock's body. If you don't know your combination, call 800-733-8588 to speak with a Sesamee representative about returning the padlock to the factory for resetting.

  2. Push the change pin that came with your padlock into the small hole located inside of the shackle hole.

  3. Enter the new combination you want for the padlock. leaving the change pin inside of the small hole until you are finished.

  4. Pull out the change pin after you are done entering the new combination. Your Sesamee combination padlock is now reset.

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