Directions for How to Make a Suspended Faucet Fountain

Justine Harrington

Making your own suspended faucet fountain is a simple task when you follow these straightforward directions.

Directions for How to Make a Suspended Faucet Fountain

Your kids may think it's magic, but did you know you can easily make a suspended faucet fountain with just a few supplies from your local hardware store? A faucet suspended in midair that appears to have running water flowing from its spout is a charming idea for a garden fountain. This is a unique, lovely addition to virtually any garden pond or small pool.

From far away, a suspended faucet fountain appears to have an unattached metal faucet that is floating in midair. However, when you get closer, you'll see that the water flows over and through clear plastic. This whimsical illusion will have your friends and family members marveling at the fountain's design.

Learn how to construct your own suspended faucet fountain today, by following these simple steps.

    Drill the Holes.

  1. Drill four or five holes one inch from one end of the plastic tubing. Ensure that the holes are an equal distance apart around the entire circumference of the tubing.

  2. Cut and Fit the Wire Mesh.

  3. Cut out a small circle of wire mesh; this should fit neatly over the end of the tubing. Using your silicone caulk, cover the top and sides of the mesh. Allow the caulk to dry.

  4. Glue the Faucet and Tubing Together.

  5. Glue the spout end of the faucet onto the silicone caulk-encrusted end of the plastic tubing.

  6. Fit the Tubing Onto the Fountain Pump.

  7. Fit the opposite end of the plastic tubing over the spout on your fountain pump. Be sure to properly secure the tubing around the spout with duct tape.

  8. Warning

    To avoid tripping your GFCI, it recommended plugging your pump into a non-GFCI circuit.

    Place the Pump Inside Your Base Container.

  9. Submerge your fountain pump in water inside your base container. The pump will force the water up through the plastic tubing and the silicone caulk will stop it from entering the floating faucet.

  10. Tip

    Your local hardware store should have all the parts required to make a suspended faucet fountain. If not, you could also try a pet store. In addition, note that a 1/2-inch-diameter clear plastic tube will work in most cases. If the faucet is too large, select tubing that is larger in diameter.

  11. Suspended faucet fountains are an eye-catching addition to any outdoor area. The good news is that anyone with an hour to spare can complete this DIY fountain project, with no problem.

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