How to Light the Pilot Light on a Propane Gas Water Heater

Lighting the pilot light of a propane gas water heater is similar to performing the task on a natural gas water heater. With the exception of where the gas comes from, the gas valve and pipes are the same on the water heater. The task should take just a few minutes. You can light the pilot light yourself, saving the time and money of calling out a serviceman.

Step 1

Shut off the water heater's gas valve. Open a door or window and let the room air out for about 10 minutes to remove gas fumes.

Step 2

Pull the cover plate off the side of the water heater near the bottom. Use a flash light to locate the pilot light on the inside of the water heater behind the cover plate.

Step 3

Turn the gas valve back on to the "pilot" position, pushing down on the button and holding it down to get the gas flowing through the tube. Use a spark ignitor to light the pilot light inside the bottom of the water heater, continuing to hold the pilot button down.

Step 4

Hold the pilot button down for about a minute and slowly let your hand off the button. Verify that the pilot light is still lit and turn the pilot button to the "on" position.

Step 5

Reattach the cover plate onto the lower section of the water heater.


  • Never attempt to light the propane gas water heater pilot light with the smell of gas in the air.

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