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Preway Fireplace Instructions

Meredith Jameson

The Preway Fireplace company manufactured fireplace inserts, doors and other fireplace accessories through the 1990s but has since gone out of business. However, using a gas Preway fireplace is relatively simple and involves lighting the pilot light for the fireplace. Only adults familiar with handling gas appliances and open flames should light the pilot light and operate the fireplace. Stop and smell for gas fumes before beginning the process, and leave the house immediately if gas is detected.

Preway Fireplace Instructions
  1. Check to make sure the gas valve is in the "On" position before beginning. The gas valve is located outside the home on the gas meter. Open the valve if it is not already in the open position.

  2. Return to the fireplace and open the fireplace access panel on the front of the fireplace. Identify the pilot tube, which is the smallest tube exiting the gas pipe.

  3. Turn the control knob to "Off" and wait at least 5 minutes. This allows any gas to exit the system. Smell carefully for gas and turn the fireplace off if gas is detected. Contact your gas company.

  4. Proceed if gas is not detected. Turn the control knob to "Pilot," and push and hold the knob down. While holding down the knob, use a lighter or flame to light the end of the pilot tube.

  5. Continue holding down the control knob for 30 seconds to allow the pilot light time to stabilize; then slowly release the knob. Turn the control knob to "On" and shut the access panel. Flip on the main power switch for the fireplace to light the fire and turn the switch off to turn the fireplace off.