How to Change a Humidifier Filter

Humidifiers release water vapor or steam to increase the humidity in an area.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air and help alleviate symptoms associated with the flu, allergies and the common cold.
Increased humidity helps alleviate symptoms associated with dry sinuses and cracked lips and can generally reduce problems associated with dry air (according to the Mayo Clinic). Some humidifiers, such as cool-mist humidifiers, use filters to remove harmful allergens and irritants from the air. If these filters are not changed periodically, however, the humidifier can actually make you sick. .

Unplug the humidifier from the wall or turn the humidifier off. Carefully open the filter bay. Typically, humidifiers have a reservoir (where the water is) and another compartment housing a fan and the filter.

Remove the old filter. Most filters simply stand freely above the fan and just need to be lifted or slid out of the holding compartment. Do not dispose of the old filter yet.

Replace the new filter in the filter bay in the same position and in the same manner as the old filter. Fill the humidifier back up with water and plug it in or turn it on.

Repeat every two to four months to keep your humidifier filter fresh.


  • Store clerks may be able to help you find the proper filter for your humidifier. If you need help, write down the make and model of your humidifier and/or bring your old filter with you to a store selling humidifier filters. Most general retail stores that sell humidifiers also sell filters. Ask the clerk to help you find the proper filter. Use your old filter to find a match.

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