How to Clean Debris From a GE Dishwasher Drain

GE manufactures top of the line dishwashers that perform well and last several years.
Unless the dishes are scraped and rinsed properly before going into the dishwasher, debris will build up and block the drain preventing the dishwasher from working properly. Even when the dishes are rinsed well before going into the dishwasher the drain can get clogged up from time to time and will need to cleaned out.

Step 1

Remove the racks that hold the dishes. They simply lift out and must be removed to reach the other parts of the dishwasher. As long as the racks are out of the dishwasher you should clean them as well. They can be scrubbed with a sponge or a brush and set on the side of the sink to air dry while you are cleaning the dishwasher drain.

Step 2

Take apart and clean out the dishwasher drain. The dishwasher drain is located at the bottom center of the dishwasher. Unplug the power before working with any interior parts of the dishwasher. Remove the screws from the drain cover with a screw driver and then remove the drain cover itself. Once the cover is off, remove any debris from the drain with your hand. Wipe out the drain with a dish rag and cleaner.

Step 3

Replace the drain cover and screws. Put the dish racks back in the dishwasher and plug in the power supply. If you have any dirty dishes put them in the dishwasher and run it through the cycles to test it and make sure it drains properly.

Step 4

Disconnect the drain hose ( technically part of the dishwasher drain) from under the kitchen sink and clean it out to help the dishwasher drain properly.


  • If the dishwasher does not drain after cleaning the drain, you may have a clogged drain hose. The drain hose is what the water runs through when it leaves the dishwasher until it reaches the drain pipe under the kitchen sink. Disconnect it from under the kitchen sink and unclog the drain.

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