How to Find the Best Paint for a Wood Deck

People stain or paint their decks in order to protect and preserve the wood.

Outdoor decks take a lot of abuse from weather and the natural elements and require a high quality paint or stain to protect the wood. Decks require regular maintenance and are usually painted or stained every three to four years. Staining a deck emphasizes the natural grain of the wood. Painting a deck provides a much larger color spectrum and allows you to select a deck color that adds to the overall color scheme of your house.

Decide upon a color scheme for the deck. Visit a few paint stores in your area and select a number of color samples that would work well with your deck. Pick colors that complement your house color and the deck furniture. Keep in mind the natural colors in your yard as well as landscaping colors, such as bricks and wood.

Lay the paint samples on the deck. Remember color is affected by sunlight, especially in an outdoor environment. Lay the paint samples on areas around the deck. Also hold the samples up to the house siding and the deck furniture. Do this a few times to get a feel for how the sunlight affects the color. Select the color or colors that you think work best for your deck.

When you purchase paint for your deck, you also need to consider the sheen-level, the level of glossiness in the paint. Paint sheens range from flat, little or no gloss, to semi-gloss, which is very glossy. Don't be afraid to ask questions at the paint store.

Select a high quality oil-based paint. Oil-based paint offers better protection for a deck and stands up better under severe weather conditions and foot traffic.

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