How to Build a House for Blue Jays

Blue jay birdhouses are very different from other traditional birdhouses because a blue jay prefers an open front and side. Put your blue jay birdhouse at least ten feet up in a tree or other location, where the birds will be protected from the elements as much as possible. Once you get a pair of blue jays to nest in your birdhouse, they will likely return each year to nest in the same spot.

Make your own blue jay birdhouse for a unique look at nesting blue jays.
  1. Cut four pieces of wood out of the eight-inch wide wood plank. Two should be eight inches long, and two should be ten inches long.

  2. Make a 60-degree cut with a circular saw on one end of one of the eight-inch pieces of wood, giving it a 60-degree bevel.

  3. Drill two holes in the beveled edge. These holes should be two inches in from each side.

  4. Lay the flat edge of the beveled wood on top of the non-beveled piece of eight-inch wood at a 90-degree angle. The bevel end should be pointing up.

  5. Screw the non-beveled eight-inch piece of wood to the beveled piece to secure them together.

  6. Set the edge of one of the ten-inch pieces of wood flush against the beveled edge. Use screws to secure them together from the back of the beveled piece, which will create an angled piece of wood that covers the L-shape landing.

  7. Attach the blue jay birdhouse to a tree using the beveled piece as the back wall of the birdhouse. The angled side should be the roof.

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