Delta 16-Inch Band Saw 28-560 Blade Installation

Paul Massey

The Delta 28-560 band saw is an asset to have in your shop, and proper use requires using an assortment of blade sizes recommended for cutting a variety of materials. You must also keep the blades well-sharpened. Due to these requirements, you will occasionally have to change the band saw blades. The installation process to insure proper blade tracking and tensioning is a simple procedure.

Step 1

Disconnect the band saw power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Detach the band saw table’s fence guide by loosening and removing the three hex head bolts holding the guide to the table using an adjustable wrench.

Step 3

Remove the slotted table insert from the table’s center hole through which the blade passes by pushing up on the insert from beneath the saw table.

Step 4

Loosen the three blade chamber cover knobs, and remove the cover.

Step 5

Release the blade tension by turning the blade tensioning knob counter-clockwise.

Step 6

Slip the band saw blade into the table slot, keeping the teeth pointing toward the front of the table, then slide the blade over the three blade wheels.

Step 7

Tighten the blade tension knob slightly so the blade sits snug around the perimeter of the wheels by turning the tensioning knob clockwise. Do not overtighten. The blade should be tensioned so you can push it sideways at the table opening no more than one-eighth inch to either side of center, and the felt washer on the blade guide aligns with the appropriate blade width on the scale mounted on the side of the blade housing.

Step 8

Turn the blade wheels slowly by hand to ascertain the blade tracking around the wheels. The blade should track at the center of the wheel’s rubber gasket. Adjust the blade tracking with the rear wheel thumb screw slightly clockwise or counter-clockwise as needed until the blade tracks in the center of the wheels, then tighten the thumb screw’s wingnut to lock the setting.

Step 9

Replace the blade chamber cover removed earlier and secure by tightening the three cover knobs until tight.

Step 10

Reinsert the table insert in the band saw table by slipping the rear edge of the installed blade into the slot, then pressing the insert into the hole in the saw table.

Step 11

Attach the table fence guide removed earlier by placing the guide against the front of the saw table, aligning the three bolt holes and threading the hex head bolts into the holes. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten until snug.

Step 12

Lower the upper blade guide arm to approximately one-half inch above the saw table surface, then adjust the upper and lower blade rollers according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the blade type and size.

Step 13

Plug the band saw power cord into the wall outlet.