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How to Cut Angles on Wood Flooring

Karen Miller

Wood flooring is a practical, popular choice for hard floors because it looks handsome while being easy to maintain. Another positive advantage of installing wood flooring is that you can put it in by yourself, with very little experience. One problem you will need to work around is the matter of non-standard angles in your room. You can easily find the degree of these angles to cut accurate, well fitting pieces of wood flooring for a professional, seamless look.

  1. Cut a piece of paper the length and width of each of the wood flooring pieces with scissors.

  2. Press one of the papers against the angle where the wood needs to fit making a sharp crease to indicate the angle.

  3. Lay all of the pieces of paper on the floor, creasing the papers at the angles until you have covered the floor.

  4. Cut off the excess paper above each of the creased lines on the papers. The papers should all fit against the angled portions on the walls, without any paper sticking up.

  5. Lay each piece of paper on top of a piece of flooring and trace the shapes of the angled ends of the papers with a pencil. Mark the wood clearly where you need to make the angled cuts.

  6. Cut each piece of wood flooring along the marked lines with a table saw. Test fit each piece after you cut it to make sure you are cutting them appropriately.