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How to Clean Macro Suede

Tia Shamoon

Macro suede fabrics are fashionable, comfortable and maintainable if you know how to properly clean them. Cleaning these types of fabrics does not take long and it is a simple process; however, if you do not properly clean them, you could damage your fabrics with leftover water rings. Since macro/micro suede fabrics are made from polyester fibers, small spills are easily repelled, but the fabrics dry fairly quickly so cleaning a new spill or stain right away is imperative to maintaining the quality of the fabrics.

A suede fabric recliner
  1. Check the tags on your furniture for an S (solvent cleaners), W (water-based cleaners) or S-W (solvent or water-based cleaners) to know which type of cleaner to use. Dab water on an area that cannot be seen (like the underside of a cushion or the piece furniture) if you are unable to locate a tag and let sit for an hour. If a water ring is left, proceed to Step 2--otherwise, clean with several small applications of a warm soapy solution, rinsing and patting completely dry before applying another application.

  2. Sprinkle baking soda over the stained area if it is a fresh spill or an old smelly stain. Let the baking soda sit for 20 minutes to absorb the liquid and smells, then rub away.

  3. Sprinkle dry/powder carpet cleaner over the stained area to be cleaned. Scrub brush the area and let sit for 20 minutes. Vacuum the powder out of the cleaned area and wait for half an hour, then check to see if the area needs another application.

  4. Call a carpet cleaning or dry cleaning company if you are unable to treat the stained areas. Buy their recommended products that their company uses, if they sell them, or let them clean the macro fiber themselves.