How do I Troubleshoot Constant Clicking on a GE Refrigerator?

One of the most common complaints about GE refrigerators is the abnormal clicking noise coming from the back of it. This sound is almost always caused by a burned-out start relay. In modern refrigerators, the start relay is made of a material that heats up from resistance. In some cases, the compressor heats up too much and breaks, causing it to stay open and not allowing the motor of the compressor to energize. The compressor attempts to start, and cannot due to the breakage. Each time the compressor makes this attempt, it will fail, causing a clicking noise. The compressor is located on the main board of your refrigerator. There are other causes of this clicking noise but all require a new main board. It is easier and less expensive to replace the main board than to troubleshoot and repair the compressor or other parts that may be causing the noise.

Step 1

Pull the refrigerator out from the wall.

Step 2

Remove the cover that is about 2 feet from the floor on the back of the refrigerator. This will expose the main board.

Step 3

Make sure that the clicking noise is coming from the main board. If it isn’t, you may still need to replace the main board.

Step 4

Check to see if the fans are running but the compressor is not. If this is occurring, this also indicates the main board needs replacing.

Step 5

Look for your refrigerator's model number. This number is a silver or white label that is located on either the top of your refrigerator, exterior side wall, or interior side wall.

Step 6

Search the Internet for a replacement part. Most stores include installation instructions with each replacement main board. Depending on your model of refrigerator, the price will range from $100 to $200.

Step 7

Follow the instructions and replace the main board of your refrigerator.