How to Redo a Wrought Iron Bench

Wrought iron benches, used indoors or outdoors, add a decorative touch to interior and exterior spaces. Outdoor wrought iron benches require refinishing more often than indoor furniture due to exposure to all types of weather conditions. Wrought iron benches are available in many sizes and styles, ranging from clean lines to intricate scrollwork. Choose a paint stripping process based on personal preferences.

Restore a wrought iron bench rather than buying a new bench.
  1. Wash the wrought iron bench with warm soapy water to remove dirt, dust and debris.

  2. Remove old paint from the bench using a chemical paint stripper, sanding by hand, wire brushing or sandblasting with a light duty sandblaster.

    Apply chemical paint stripper to the wrought iron bench according to the package directions, allow the chemicals to break the paint bond, bubble and scrape away with a metal paint scraper.

    Use medium-grit sandpaper to sand off old paint and then sand with a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface.

    Brush the surfaces of the wrought iron bench with a wire brush vigorously to remove paint and rust.

    Rent a light-duty sandblaster and blast away old paint.

  3. Wash the wrought iron bench with soapy water to remove dust or chemical residue, rinse well and dry completely.

  4. Paint two coats of alkyd rust-inhibitor primer to the wrought iron bench with a foam paintbrush, allowing each coat to dry fully in between, usually two to four hours.

  5. Paint two coats of alkyd enamel paint with a foam paintbrush. Allow each coat to dry for four to six hours between applications.

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